4 things to consider when choosing decking balustrades

Decking balustrades

With your freshly laid composite or timber decking, your new and improved garden could be close to finished. Now, you may just be looking for that final finishing touch – decking balustrades and railings. Balustrades are the parapets added to the end of decking, often for increased safety, especially if there’s quite a drop from deck level to ground level. However, balustrades offer much more than just safety, with many different variants available that can set your garden above the rest of the neighbourhood. You want to ensure you get the best balustrades for your back garden, so here are 5 things we suggest considering before you buy them.

Put safety first

We might as well start with the most obvious thing to consider. Balustrades, simply put, are there to stop people from falling off the decking. The height of your balustrades depends on one variant – how far is your deck above ground level? If it is less than 600mm from the ground, 900mm balustrades are the best option, however, if the deck is higher than 600mm, we suggest looking at 1100mm balustrades. As a safety procedure, they must abide by UK building regulations, and therefore, this is a very important thing to consider. The last thing you want is someone hurting themselves falling from the decking, and you might be unpleasantly surprised at how dangerous even short drops can be.

Choose appropriate materials

Now that we’ve discussed safety, materials should be another thing you take into consideration. The materials you choose for your balustrades, whether that’s composite, glass, timber, or metal, all depend on a combination of safety and practicality. For example, glass balustrades can look incredibly aesthetic, but they can also be more expensive (and sometimes delicate) than other options, and if you have children or pets who will be running and playing on the deck, they may not be practical. Whilst the materials you use depends on personal preference, we advise that you consider balustrades made from materials that are both safe and practical for you and your family.

Decking balustrades

Quantity and quality

This is another suggestion that may seem obvious on the surface, but making sure you get the right balustrades based on the size and length of your decking will prove beneficial to the overall quality of your back garden. Knowing the precise measurements allows you to choose the appropriate materials for the job, and moreover, it offers the potential to combine two or more different styles of balustrades. You might opt for glass balustrades on the highest level of decking and then go for some composites for the rest. There is no rulebook that states that your balustrades need to be identical, and if you’ve got ample room across your decking, why not spice things up a bit to add some extra quality to your garden?

Keep it aesthetic

Once you’ve got safety measures sorted, chosen the materials, and noted the number of balustrades you’ll need, it is then time to find that perfect fit. Balustrades can prove to be very attractive featurettes of your decking and you’ll want to get your hands on some that fit well with the rest of your garden’s aesthetic. Aesthetic is all down to personal preference, so you can definitely get creative here. This could be the final step in getting your dream garden finished off, so we suggest getting balustrades that fit the stylings of your deck and your house to help piece everything together perfectly!

With these four things carefully considered, getting your hands on the perfect balustrades should be easy! We offer a range of decking balustrades and great prices here at Savoy Timber, so why not check them out so that you’ve got your decking in shipshape just in time for the summer.