4 reasons why now is the perfect time for your decking project

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It’s a very strange time right now, and certainly not the start to Spring 2020 that any of us would have wished for. The current restrictions around self distancing and self isolation are making life undeniably more difficult for all of us across the UK. That’s partially why there’s no better time to be busying ourselves with projects and creative ventures, especially since such distractions can be helpful for our mental health. A decking project is just the ticket for that sort of thing – and there are a couple of other bonuses to starting now, too!

1. You’ve got plenty of time on your hands

We know that one of the hardest things about starting many DIY projects is that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day – but certainly a universal truth right now is that time is definitely not something you’re short of. It gives you a better chance to focus, helping take the stress out of planning, gathering your tools and equipment, and finally starting your project. Plus, since you’ve got the entire family gathered with you, it means it’s easier to get their input too, as you all consider how you’d each use the space.

2. It provides a welcome distraction

Your home is normally a haven and a sanctuary, but when you’re mandated to stay indoors for most of the day, it can sometimes start to feel a bit claustrophobic in there. This can be especially true when you’re cooped up with your family, because young children, teenagers, and adults tend to spend their day in very different ways! This can understandably lead to tension, and the best way to reduce this sort of stress is often to give each other a bit of space. An outdoor decking project fits the bill for that sort of distraction, and you get another permanent leisure space out of it when it’s done, too!

3. It’s the ideal weather in which to work or relax

We’re only a short way into spring, which is the perfect season for getting cracking with some outdoor work – and enjoying the sunshine once it’s finished, too! The days are getting longer and brighter, and the nights are getting warmer too, so there’s no better time to start thinking about how you’ll spend some quality time out on your decking.

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4. It provides a fantastic way to spend time with family

Speaking of quality time, an outdoor decking area has long been known as a brilliant place to spend time with family. But now that you’re all gathered together for the duration of the lockdown, family-centric activities are a great way to unwind. What’s more, they can help you get away from the screens that tend to dominate many of our working and leisure lives. And what better place for those family activities than out in the great outdoors? Whether it’s toys and ball games you favour with your children, or you’re more of a board games kind of group, a decking area can give you a perfect place to relax in each other’s company, whether you’re keeping an eye on the kids playing games, or even getting involved yourself!

Once your decking’s built, you can then start to think about ways you can make it completely your own. We’ve got a few ideas for you there, and ones that won’t break the bank either – why not check out our post on budget ways to make your garden look unique, or have a look at the very best summertime accessories? Or, if you’re looking to take the effort out of setting up your deck this Spring, we can help there too, with our range of easy fit timber decking kits. You’ll be reclining in the sunshine in no time!