4 of the best white worktops to give your kitchen a chilled out feel

christmas baking

Feeling festive yet? Maybe you are, maybe not… we suppose it depends on when you’re reading this post. But that’s the beauty of white laminate kitchen worktops – they’re great for giving your kitchen a bit of Christmas feel in winter, but they’re also versatile options for all year round.

We’ve got plenty of different styles for you to choose from here at Savoy Timber, all equally durable and easy to maintain. (Plus, at this time of year, they can also be paired with Christmas decorations to get a great wintery feeling for your kitchen.) If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on white laminate kitchen worktops, allow us to furnish you with some of our favourites.

Blanc Chamonix Wilsonart 38mm Worktop

Let’s kick off our list with a solid contender. The appeal of the Blanc Chamonix Wilsonart 38mm laminate kitchen worktop lies in its pure, immaculate white surface. There are no patterns or textures, giving the Blanc Chamonix a fantastic timeless look and feel. It provides the perfect blank canvas for styling your kitchen – around this time of year, you can use a miniature sprig or a few jars filled with Christmas baubles to give it a dash of festive personality. Or, for the rest of the year, a simple bowl of fruit will do the job just as neatly.

Marble Veneto Wilsonart 38mm Worktop

If you prefer something with a little more texture, the Marble Veneto Wilsonart 38mm worktop might well be the one for you. Genuine marble worktops can sometimes be notorious for being a little pricey, but the Marble Veneto allows you to have the best of both worlds. It perfectly mimics the look of marble worktops with the striated veins that run along its surface, while also being highly durable and highly resistant to water ingress and heat. So if you’re after a white marble worktop for your kitchen, this affordable worktop is a great option for helping you to get the look for less.

Marmo Treviso Zenith Compact Laminate Worktop

OK, so now for something a little different. You’ve probably heard of the ultra-thin Zenith range of Wilsonart worktops – as the ultimate on-trend worktops, they’re known for striking the perfect balance between style and practicality, and we’ve got a great range of them to choose from right here on our site at Savoy Timber. As a stark contrast to pure white surface of something like the Chamonix worktop we covered above, the Zenith range offers a fantastic variety of textures to choose from, and the brand new Marmo Treviso is no different. Its double-sided, decorative surface has been designed to mimic the appearance of a natural surface, giving it a fascinating look that makes it a great talking point for your kitchen. And of course, all at a decent cost, too!

Strass Blanc White Sparkle Gloss Worktop

The Strass Blanc White Sparkle Gloss worktop is exactly what it sounds like, and that’s one of the things that makes it so popular with so many of our customers here at Savoy Timber. The surface gives off a subtle twinkle under direct light, which not only makes it a great fit for the festive season, but also makes it an attractive and glamorous option all year round, too. And of course, it boasts the same durability, longevity and bargain price as the rest of our worktops here at Savoy Timber, so you know it’s easy to maintain and built to last!

This is just a sample of what we’ve got to offer here at Savoy Timber, so if you’re looking for more choices, don’t hesitate to check out our full range of white laminate kitchen worktops.