4 more creative decking ideas to enjoy in Summer 2021

We’re brimming with good decking ideas here at Savoy Timber. Just recently we brought you some cool ideas to get your decking ready for summer, and not long afterwards we introduced you to some of our favourite decking trends to emerge this year. Well, buckle your seatbelts, because after a bit of brainstorming, we’re back with 4 more creative ideas for you to revolutionise your timber decking or composite decking this summer. So if you’re in need of a bit of creative inspiration, look no further!

Use bold accessories to contrast with darker composite decking

There’s a whole host of great reasons to choose composite decking. In addition to its practical advantages, it also opens up a whole range of design possibilities too. If you like a bit of alfresco dining out on your decking occasionally – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t – then why not consider creating a bit of intriguing contrast between the shade of your decking, and the brighter or warmer tones of your furniture and accessories?

For example, you could choose a beech coffee table, light wooden chairs, and add pops of colour here and there through the use of soft furnishings like pillows and throws, or table runners and some eye-catching glassware. It can create quite a stunning final effect!

Kick back in a Scandi-inspired beach-scape

You don’t need to have a keen interest in interior design to have heard of the Scandinavian style – it’s been revolutionising our interiors for quite some time now. So how about letting it revolutionise your outdoor space too? The modern, minimalist look of the Scandi style is most easily achieved with composite decking boards, which can be complemented by simple, comfortable furniture such as deckchairs.

It’s the perfect decking idea if you live near a large body of water, or even the ocean – but don’t worry if you don’t, as you can easily create a beachside feel with pebble aggregate, or natural sandpits. You can double down on that vibe with shade-loving plants like succulents or cacti, to put the finishing touches on the entire space. Margarita, anyone?

Decking Boards
Frame your decking with colour

If your decking hugs the corner of your garden, you can really make the space pop by framing your seating area with painted fencing. It’s all up to you how bold you fancy going with it – whether you want to keep it cosy and subtle, or really make a statement. Warmer shades of gold, brown or cream can really help accentuate a timber deck, whereas you can create a highly stylised and dramatic look by pairing white fencing with composite decking. Or you can try something even more experimental with bolder shades of blue, green or red. Just be careful not to paint your decking as well – not unless you’ve given it some serious thought first.

Create a private space with planting or trellis

Sometimes, your garden isn’t as private as you’d like it to be. If the idea of solid fencing feels a little claustrophobic though, you can consider another slightly more creative solution: use tall plants or trellises to create some natural screening. Tall planters are an excellent choice if you’re thinking of a rather more immediate solution, whereas the trellis idea might take a bit more time – but can be well worth the wait. You can plant a variety of climbing and creeping plants to sure that they all flower at different times of year, so once it’s all started, you’ve got a natural screen for all year round. Worth a thought!

Those are just a few more of our ideas… but we bet you’ve got plenty of your own. And if you’re thinking about getting started on your own creative decking project, rest assured that we’re your one-stop shop for timber and composite decking products right here at Savoy Timber.

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