4 more cool things you can do with leftover decking boards

decking boards

No matter how meticulously you plan the construction of your deck, it’s not unusual to find that you have several spare timber decking boards leftover at the end of the project. Although it can be tempting to store these in the shed or the garage over winter, that can easily end up being a waste of a perfectly good building material – material that’s ideal for carrying out cool DIY projects!

We’ve previously covered some of the practical projects you can carry out with your leftover decking boards, but we’re not quite done yet. To get your creative juices flowing and to inspire you to make the most of your leftover timber decking, here we’ve outlined 4 of our favourite cool and creative things you can build.

1. Bench

Extra seating is always welcome in the garden; especially when it’s mobile. With the addition of an extra bench, you’ll have plenty of seating space at BBQs and parties.

You’ll need quite a few spare boards for this project, but the end result is stunning. Plus, you don’t need many tools. All you really need is a saw, some wood glue and some wood screws.

You’ll need to start by building the bench frame, which usually has a standard height and width of 16 inches. As soon as you have the frame, you can use another decking board to create the legs and attach these with screws. From here, all you need to do is scatter a few cushions and put your feet up. Cracking.

2. Cover ups

When your deck’s complete, there’s nothing better than sitting back, soaking up the sun and admiring the view. But, if you’re left looking at drainpipes and grates that are clogged with leaves, then you may be left feeling a little uninspired.

Thankfully, your leftover decking boards are perfect for the job. By boxing in the pipes and grids by essentially extending your deck, you can effectively hide these pies, ensuring that they don’t catch your eye, and that your drains never get clogged. As an added bonus, the cover up will also create a lovely shelf where you can add some plants or rest your drink – whatever you’re in the mood for.

decking coverups

3. Bird house

Even if you’re only left with scrap pieces of decking boards, you’ll still have more than enough to make a bird house. After all, if you’re only building a small bird house, then you only really need one decking board, a few leftover decking screws and a hand saw.

We’ll be honest – this is a particular favourite of ours here at Savoy Timber! One of the coolest things about this idea is that it’s creative, and you can get the kids involved with the design process. If you like, you can even get them to help you glue and clamp the sawn pieces of wood together and paint the finished version. If they’re budding DIY devotees themselves, it can be a fantastic family project for you all.

4. Sandpit

A garden sandpit is perfect for entertaining the kids. Here, they can build sandcastles, dig holes and enjoy sensory play. With the help of a few decking boards, you can bring the seaside right into your back garden. All you’ll need are leftover decking boards that are cut to size and screwed or nailed together, a few extra boards to create a frame that can be glued together, a membrane and some play sand.

If you’ve already used the last of your leftover timber decking or you need a few extra boards to complete your new DIY project, then you’re in exactly the right place – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Savoy Timber. We’re proud to stock a wide range of decking kits, decking boards and decking fixings and accessories.

Alternatively, if you need a helping hand or advice, you can always pop by any of our stores in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston, where one of our members of staff will be happy to help!