4 key design elements in your garden

garden decking area

It’s summertime, and the weather is finally brightening up… er, very soon! You may well be gearing up your own garden space to kick back and enjoy some relaxing time soaked in sunshine – if you are, your decking is a prime candidate. Everybody’s garden space is different, but if you want yours to look the very best throughout the warmer months, here are some of the key areas it’s worth looking at first.

The paving area

In many gardens, the paving area is where people may well be spending the majority of their time. Even in cool summer evenings, for example, it’s where people will be sitting down to enjoy food or partying, and it’s where the majority of seating will often be set up, especially if you don’t have any decking installed. It makes a good place to express your creative side as well, with creative use of paths and aggregate and similar materials. It’s also where things might be stored if they’re briefly getting moved outside.

Tables and party furniture (with accompanying nibbles, of course) also tends to be stored on the paving, where there’s a stable surface. If you’re trying to update your garden with a more modern look, you can even go for more modern furniture, for a contemporary solution.


If you’ve got the space in your garden and the ability to maintain one, a lawn is a highly-sought after feature for most people’s gardens. They tend to be especially beautiful at this time of year, when they look especially vibrant under bright sunshine. Of course, even a small lawn does require a fair amount of maintenance and ongoing care, but it provides a lot of benefits in return, including a fantastic space for children to play in as they enjoy the (rare!) sunshine we get here in the UK.

decking artificial grass

If you have pets like a dog, or rabbits, for example, it’s an almost essential space to allow them to stretch their legs. And of course, it’s a comfortable and attractive place for the adults to spend time in, too! (Quick note here, though – if you are going to maintain your lawn, it’s always worth investing in a decent mower.)

Plants and trees

Even the most well-maintained of gardens can end up looking a bit sparse unless you’ve got some plant life in there to spruce things up. A good variety of perennials, shrubs, annuals and trees are always ideal if you can spare the space and effort for them. But then again, the great thing about choosing plants is that you can pick the ones you want to suit you – whether you’re just after a touch of green life to inject some life into your garden, or you want to go all out with something large, or vibrant and colourful. Plus, you can even get creative with your trees and shrubs – that’s if you’ve got some cutters and the inclination and skill! There’s nothing that says you absolutely have to choose particularly demanding plants and trees – it’s all about what works for you!


And, of course… in recent years, decking has become an increasingly popular choice in the UK, and now it’s becoming a fixture (if you’ll pardon the pun) of many modern gardens. Many people prefer it over their patio as a new leisure space, and one that in many cases can look more attractive and versatile, especially with practical aesthetic additions like our decking balustrades. Part of the reason they’re becoming so popular is that they’re easy to construct, too, especially with our decking kits.

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It’s safe to say that when it comes to decking, we know exactly what we’re talking about here at Savoy Timber. We have a huge range of decking products to buy online right here on our website, and several DIY stores across the North West (in Blackpool, Preston and Wigan) where our friendly members of staff are always about to lend a helping hand if you need any help or advice. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?