4 Grey Internal Doors Perfect For Contemporary Interiors

alcaraz grey internal door

As you start to narrow down your decisions on choosing the perfect internal doors for your home, grey might not be top of your list. But you might be missing a trick – grey internal doors are well known for being stylish, chic and sophisticated. What’s more, they’re great for getting that timeless look that will never go out of fashion. We’ve got a fantastic selection of pre finished grey internal doors here at Savoy Timber – and according to the feedback we’ve had from customers, here are a couple of your favourites!

LPD Internal Pre-Finished Zanzibar Ash Grey Door

ash grey zanzibar internal door

The darker shade of this internal door is definitely the most noticeable aspect of it to even the casual observer, and it’s great for giving your interior a more dramatic edge. It’s fitted with twin silver aluminium strips to offset this style, giving it a look that’s pretty distinctive, as internal doors go! Here at Savoy Timber, we’d recommend using it in a room with plenty of natural light that can help further offset the darker shade and emphasise that dramatic edge – which can sometimes be lost amongst less well-lit interiors.

LPD Internal Pre-Finished Zanzibar Glazed Ash Grey Door

ash grey zanzibar glazed internal door

If you want to get the look for that Ash Grey door above, but you can’t quite find the right setting with enough natural light, we’ve got the perfect solution. The glazed variant of the Zanzibar Ash Grey internal door allows you to flood a space with natural light, so you can still get that dramatic moody feel but without having to worry about it being lost or seeming dreary in darkened surroundings. The glazed Zanzibar is most definitely unique when it comes to style; a flawless fusion of dark and light which makes it a great fit for contemporary styled interiors.

LPD Internal Pre-Finished Acaraz Chocolate Grey Door

alcaraz grey internal door

OK, so maybe Ash Grey’s a little too dark for you. Nothing to worry about – you might find yourself more drawn to our Acaraz Chocolate Grey door, whose conventional shade strikes the perfect balance between simple and sophisticated. The two aluminium strips running down its length give it a great symmetry in its design, making it an appealing option for almost any interior.

LPD Internal Pre-Finished Vancouver Light Grey Door

vancouver grey internal door

Certainly the brightest shade of internal door in this selection, the Vancouver Light Grey internal door is ideal if you want more of a cheerful tone for your interior, but without sacrificing any of the sophisticated contemporary feel. The Ash Grey doors we discussed above are perfect in the right setting, but we know that depending on your interior in question, sometimes their bold and dramatic style can detract from the mood you’re trying to create. The satin lacquer of the Vancouver Light Grey door is the quintessential option if you’re going for more light and breezy.

At Savoy Timber, we realise that when you’re shopping online for internal doors for your home, sometimes it can be hard to feel like you’re getting the full effect. We’ve got good news there! You can pop down to any one of our DIY superstores across the North West – in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston – and see them in-store for yourself. What’s more, one of our friendly members of staff will always be about to lend a hand!