4 great ways to style a laminate marble worktop

laminate worktop

Marble worktops have always been a timeless choice for almost any style of kitchen, favoured for their ability to add a sense of luxury to traditional, modern and contemporary spaces alike. But as you’ll know if you’ve ever looked into getting marble worktops for your own kitchen, they’re not without their weaknesses – they can be vulnerable to being chipped or scratched, both of which can be expensive to fix. That, coupled with their up-front buying cost, can make them prohibitively expensive for some people.

Happily though, that’s exactly where we can help here at Savoy Timber, with a wide range of marble-effect laminate kitchen worktops that share the pristine appearance of real marble worktops, but not their high price tag – so that you can get the look for less. And if you need one or two ideas on how to style your laminate marble worktops, we’ve got a few ideas there, too!

Styling marble in a light or neutral colour scheme

Marble is a famously luxurious material, and that makes it perfect for a lighter colour scheme – lending a light and airy feel to the space, but with a nice touch of glamour too. When paired with other light elements such as white cabinets, tiled walls and maybe a pale wooden floor, it can help to effortlessly create a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.

Now, let’s be completely honest for a moment – if you have any kids or pets in the house, you might find that it demands a lot of time and effort to maintain that look, so as long as you’re prepared for that, the results will be absolutely stunning. Happily, that’s where laminate marble worktops can again come in handy, especially since they’re so easy to clean. Neutral colour schemes work well with marble laminate kitchen worktops too, as they can be paired with grey cabinets for a nicely understated look that works well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

marble kitchen worktops

Darker or monochrome kitchens

If you’re a fan of a more dramatic look, marble worktops in a darker colour scheme might be just the ticket. Classic white marble-effect worktops, like our Marble Veneto 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop, look amazing when paired with dark or even completely black cabinetry, as the silver veins contrast with the darker surroundings to create a truly striking effect. The cabinetry doesn’t have to be completely black, of course – you can experiment with darker shades of grey or blue, to achieve much the same effect. To enhance the style, you can also add little luxurious accents in the form of gold cabinet handles or taps.

Mix and match materials

Feel free to get creative with your laminate marble kitchen worktops by pairing them with different materials like wood-effect worktops, creating an extra layer of visual intrigue in your kitchen. If you’ve got a worktop peninsula for example, you can end that in a wood-effect breakfast bar, providing your family and visitors with somewhere to dine, and giving your kitchen an extra touch of class in the same stroke. Not bad! That’s not the only option, of course – you could even choose a different colour of marble, to create even more depth and texture in your kitchen.

Accessorise as you lean into the luxurious style

We’ve already mentioned some of the more luxurious little elements you can add to your kitchen in the monochrome section above, but that’s just a sample of the wide range of options you’ve got for classy finishing touches. You can also use wall-mounted knife racks along any empty stretches of wall, which serves both as a neat decorative touch, and a practical way of saving space in your kitchen. You can also have copper handles in pots and pans, or gold and silver utensils, to really bring out that sense of luxury and sophistication in your marble worktops.

These are just a few of our ideas, of course – you may well have some of your own! We’ll leave you to make the final decisions on what works best for your space, but you can rely on us to have a great range of marble-effect laminate worktops for you to choose from here at Savoy Timber. You can browse them right here on our site, and we also stock them in our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan. We’re dedicated to helping you to shop safely during the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so don’t forget to check our latest Covid-19 service update before you visit!