4 great ways to bring a little bit of spring into your kitchen

spring kitchen

We don’t know about you, but we love it when the weather starts to brighten up a bit… and after the last few months, it’s about time too! Following the dreariness of winter, a time when many of us can struggle with the January blues, Spring is traditionally a time when we tend to get more cheerful in line with the bluer skies and sunnier weather. So why not bring some of that cheerfulness into your kitchen, and liven up your laminate kitchen worktops? This week, we’ve got a couple of suggestions on how you can do just that.

Bringing in plants and flowers

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring Spring into your kitchen. Right from the off, it’s worth thinking about colours. You can fit a lovely variety of them into your kitchen with the simple addition of flowers in a vase. Alternatively, you can choose a greener option such as a succulent on your windowsill.

Personally, we’d struggle to choose between them here at Savoy Timber! A vibrant splash of colours can do wonders for giving the room a sense of life and energy. On the other hand, humans tend to associate the colour green with growth, health and prosperity, which means that green plants like succulents can have a very profound effect on our mood too.

If you’d like, you can even give your greenery a practical function by growing some fresh Springtime herbs in your kitchen, such as oregano, thyme, coriander, and basil. These will look and smell amazing, and you can use them for any recipes you’re thinking of trying out. That might mean you save a bit of money in the long run too – and let’s be honest, 2020 was quite a lean year for many of us!

Get your kitchen looking sharp with fresh fruit bowls

Speaking of Springtime additions with a practical use, you can’t do much better than the humble fruit bowl. You can add some particularly vibrant colours to your kitchen with a fruit bowl, from the deep greens and reds of apples to the oranges and yellows of citrus fruits and bananas. You might want to also consider especially seasonal-appropriate food like gooseberries, grapefruit and pomegranate. Not only does it freshen your kitchen, but can work wonders to keep your diet fresh too!


kitchen fresh fruit bowl

Cook with seasonal foods

It’s not just the look of your kitchen that you can switch up to reflect the changing seasons – you can make some changes to your cupboard contents, too. It’s the season for fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes it a brilliant time to incorporate them ever more enthusiastically in your cooking. Don’t forget the fruits and vegetables that are especially in season this time of year, including rhubarb, cabbage, asparagus, new potatoes, and purple-sprouting broccoli. If you’re on the lookout for recipe ideas, how about a herby spring chicken pot pie, a one-pan salmon, or a rhubarb and ginger nut cheesecake? Oh, yes.

Change the colour of your walls or kitchen doors

It might be the most radical change on our list, but it’s one that more and more people have been considering of late. Millions of us have all been spending far more times in our homes than we might have counted on in the last year or so, and with so much more time on your hands, it’s only natural that you might fancy a change, especially for Springtime.

One of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a whole new look is to give your kitchen wall a new accent colour – a striking shade to make it stand out and grab the viewer’s attention. Bold and vibrant colours like red, orange, yellow or purple are generally the ones that have the best effect, but it can be any colour you like – you might want to look to your flowers or fruit bowls for a bit of inspiration!

In fact, if you’re in the mood for dramatic changes to your kitchen for Spring, why not switch up the colour of your kitchen worktops? We’ve got plenty to choose from right here at Savoy Timber, including a huge range of colourful laminate kitchen worktops, or sophisticated contemporary solid compact worktops. Why not take a look around, and see which ones take your fancy?

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