4 easy and cheap ways to festively decorate your kitchen in 2021


It may not feel like long since we were enjoying the summer heatwave, but now the clocks have gone back and the Halloween decorations have been packed away, Christmas is firmly on the agenda. However, the upheaval of the past couple of years might mean that your purse strings are a little tighter than usual. As a result, you might be searching for ways you can decorate your home on a budget and save as much money as possible for presents. Thankfully, here at Savoy Timber, we’re experts in helping people get the look for less. Just take our laminate kitchen worktops for example, which are stylish, fashionable and affordable. So, in this spirit, we thought we’d provide you with some easy and cheap ways you can festively decorate your kitchen this year. It is the season of giving, after all!

Bring out seasonal storage

Christmas is a time for indulgence. That means extra baking, plenty of snacking and lots of naughty treats. But, although these goodies can easily be stored in your cupboards, why not invest a few pounds in some seasonal storage options? Festive cake tins and Christmas-themed containers only cost a few pounds, and they’ll bring a festive feel to your kitchen if you leave them beautifully arranged on top of your laminate worktops.

Fill the space with the scents of the season

Kitchens always smell fabulous at Christmas. Whether you’re rustling up some mince pies, brewing a batch of fresh coffee for guests or placing the turkey on your laminate worktops for basting, Christmas food and drink always smells fantastic.

But, there’s no reason why your kitchen should only smell inviting when the oven is on. After all, investing in a fragranced candle means that your kitchen can be filled with the scent of festive spices like cloves whenever you like. As an added bonus, the light from the candle is perfect for setting the right atmosphere on those long winter nights.

One little pro tip here, though. It’s best to opt for a candle rather than potpourri. This way, you can choose when the scent wafts across your kitchen and you can ensure it never overpowers or clashes with any cooking aromas.


Use natural foliage

Bringing the outside in with plants and flowers is a great move at any time of year, but it’s especially effective at Christmas. Holly, ivy and mistletoe look beautiful in rustic kitchens, but they can also soften the edges of hyper-modern schemes. Alternatively, although a full Christmas tree is likely to be too much for your kitchen, adding a smaller spruce to your laminate worktop, or placing mini wreaths on your prominent kitchen cabinets will inject plenty of festive feeling in your space.

Focus on creating a festive table

If money is tight, then it can sometimes make the most sense to focus on one area of the kitchen, rather than trying to decorate the whole room. In these circumstances, decorating the kitchen table extravagantly is the perfect solution. By opting for bold red placemats, a sparking silver runner and several festive decorations like ornaments or decorative glassware, you can make sure that your kitchen table really catches the eye whenever a guest walks into the room.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find your kitchen is looking like your very own Santa’s Grotto in no time at all. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about treating yourself and upgrading your kitchen before the festive season, then our laminate kitchen worktops are the perfect solution.

You can browse all of the options available right here on our website, or you can visit our stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool to see them for yourself and ask our staff members any questions you may have.