4 creative ideas for styling your kitchen worktops

zenith ultra thin kitchen worktop in kitchen

If you’re looking to add a bit of style to your kitchen, you’re in exactly the right place. We’ve got a huge range of colours and styles of laminate kitchen worktop to choose from here at Savoy Timber, from wood effect worktops to sleek marble effect variants and even the Ultra Slim Zenith worktops. But once you’ve decided on your choice of laminate worktop, we’ve got one or two creative ideas for how to make your kitchen unique!

Waterfall edges

You may well have seen waterfall edged worktops before, as they’ve become an increasingly popular choice for kitchens of all sizes and budgets in the last few years. It’s a cool feature based on a relatively simple concept – essentially it’s an island with a side panel seamlessly adjoined to the edge of the worktop, creating a ‘waterfall’ effect as the worktop continuously runs down to the floor. It’s a sleek and minimalistic touch that helps to frame the island as a focal point in the room, making it a great talking point if you frequently entertain guests in your kitchen!

Play with dining levels on your kitchen island

This is one that you don’t see too often. If you like the idea of a kitchen island but you’re not quite as taken with the idea of bar stools, you can fix a cantilevered worktop to the island’s units, allowing you to slot one or two dining chairs underneath it. This way, you can provide a relaxing experience for family or visitors without having to sacrifice any preparation space on your kitchen island – perhaps serving up starters as you put the finishing touches on the main course.

contemporary kitchen island

Experiment with shapes

You may well have already heard various people (including us here at Savoy Timber) talk about U shaped kitchens and L shaped kitchens, which are fairly standard and – as you’ve probably guessed – refer to the shape of the room. But if you’ve got the space available, you can even try something a little unorthodox, like a circular section on the end of a peninsula or kitchen island. Not only does it add a unique little stylistic touch, but from a practical perspective it also means you can comfortably fit a few more people onto the end of your kitchen worktops – great if one or two are looking for a quick bite!

Incorporate curves

Speaking of experimenting with shape, it’s not uncommon for some kitchens to be quite angular – L shaped kitchens being a prime example! But rather than having straight, uniform lines and angles, it might be worth considering whether you want to take the edge off with worktops that have gentle curves, which can give your kitchen a softer, even more inviting appearance – especially in modern or contemporary kitchens. It’s an option that might not be available in every kitchen, but if you’ve got the space for it, it might be worth a shot!

Here at Savoy Timber, we offer a jointing and fabrication service for our laminate kitchen worktops, so if you’re looking to try something a little different for your kitchen, our professional expertise and tools are at your disposal. Our radius service in particular is perfect for giving you an attractive rounded edge on your breakfast bar or peninsula.

You can find out more about our jointing and fabrication service here by clicking the link above, or if you’re still making the final decisions on which worktop to get, you can find plenty of options amongst our stock of laminate kitchen worktops. Feel free to visit any one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool if you’d like to see them for yourself, where one of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to help!