3 ways to mix and match your worktop colours and textures

Square edged worktops to suit every kitchen design

Mixing and matching your worktop textures is a bold choice, but if you judge it wisely then it’s one that can leave your kitchen with some stunning visual effects – and all without straying too far outside your budget.

Now, there are a couple of secrets to getting it right, and one of the key ones is to make sure that your worktops are connected in some way, whether that’s by tone or shade or material. Unless they’ve got that connection, they can end up looking random and disjointed, which isn’t a great look for your kitchen. So, for example, a romantic walnut Wilsonart 38mm worktop could go well with a dark walnut 30mm laminate one. That’s just one idea… here are a one or two others!

Create contrast with black and white

This is one of the most popular ways to mix worktop colours, and to be honest it’s no wonder. White is a popular choice for a kitchen, especially in more compact spaces, because it’s very good at reflecting the light and making the room feel brighter and more open. When white is used for the cabinets and kitchen units, depending on the shade and tone used, it can make a kitchen feel anything from bright and cheery to smooth and effortlessly sophisticated.

Here, black worktops can add a brilliant dramatic flair, creating contrast to give the space a great visual impact. Our Lightning Obsidian Zenith Laminate Worktop is a prime example of a striking black worktop, but you might also want to consider the extra visual interest on display in worktops like our Strass Noir Black Sparkle Gloss worktop. White cabinets with black worktops is the most common configuration, but if you want to experiment with doing things the other way around, feel free – we’ve got plenty of smart white worktops to take your fancy, too!

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Add some warmth with wood effect worktops

A kitchen should always be a place in our home where we feel comfortable and at peace, but sometimes you might find that its appearance can be a little… cold. This is especially true for more understated designs that rely on a more muted colour palette, or industrial kitchens based on shades of grey.

Happily, that’s where wood effect worktops can come in handy. A well chosen wood effect worktop like our Prima Cherry Butcher Block can add an attractive slice of colour and texture to your kitchen. Alternatively, if it’s an industrial style you’re after, you can double down on the look while still getting a touch of that warmth by choosing something like our dark wood effect Zenith Brasero worktop.

a spacious wooden kicthen

The art of mixing metal and stone

If you want something more hardwearing and rugged, the respective looks of stone and metal tend to complement each other very well, so you’ve got plenty of options if you’re planning on emulating the industrial kitchens of ages past. For a stone effect worktop with style, look no further than our Zenith Rouille laminate kitchen worktop, which has enough colour in it to add some life to your kitchen, without being too showy or vibrant. It’s an understated look that makes it perfectly at home in darker colour schemes.

If stainless steel is a key element of your kitchen’s look, on the other hand, you might want to consider something like our Woodstone Grey Zenith laminate kitchen worktops. They can give your kitchen an extra touch of character, but without detracting from the rugged hardwearing look. Or if that’s a bit too serious for your tastes, maybe consider marble effect worktops like our Marble Veneto Wilsonart laminate kitchen worktop, which can give a metal or stone palette a beautifully sophisticated finishing touch.

Those are just a few of our suggestions, of course – you might well have plenty of ideas of your own! Whatever your tastes, you can be sure that we’ll have a kitchen worktop to suit your style here at Savoy Timber. You can browse them right here on our site, or if you’d like to see them in the flesh, you can always pay a visit to one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where one of our staff will be only too happy to assist you if you have any questions!