3 Reasons To Choose A Walnut Internal Door For Your Home

walnut internal door

If you’re looking for a new or replacement internal door, you’ve probably already guessed that you’re quite spoiled for choice amongst our range. Having given you the information on key advantages of oak internal doors last week, we thought we’d level the playing field a bit, and talk a bit about why walnut internal doors have got themselves such a good reputation amongst homeowners and interior designers alike. We’ve been using walnut wood for doors and furniture for centuries – and here are just a few reasons why!

1. Its Intense Aesthetics

If you read our blog on why oak internal doors are so popular, you might recognise this as the same sort of entry we included first on that post, too. But although the shades of oak internal doors and walnut internal doors can both give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, they’ve each got a very distinct feel to them. Walnut has a particularly rich, luxurious feel that’s great for adding a touch of warmth to otherwise cool, neutral surroundings. Warm sunlight brings out walnut’s fantastic dark, natural flavour, but the same colour gives an brilliantly sheltering feel on black, stormy nights, as you huddle next to the fire with a cuppa.

savoy timber walnut doors


2. Its Effortless Sense Of Style

As we mentioned above, walnut has long been a favoured choice of many an interior designer. That has a lot to do with that rich intense hue. When contrasted against cool, contemporary surroundings its naturally dark shade can give the room a moody, dramatic edge, and a cool visual impact to minimalist spaces. On the other hand, it can also be used to give contemporary-styled homes a bit of treasured old-world charm, too. Meanwhile, in rustic or country-style homes it fits in beautifully with the warm wood shades, and grants the space an appealingly luxurious feel. Walnut is primarily a hardwood, which means it’s got an instantly recognisable, strongly grained feel, and is ideal for more ornate style statements in rustic settings.

3. Its Timelessness And Flexibility

One of the greatest strengths of walnut interior doors is that their style is truly timeless. It’s a look that never dates, as proven by the fact that we’ve been using walnut interior doors for manor houses and residential homes throughout centuries of human history. It’s an on-trend classic – two terms that, in interior design, aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive! While trends can change with the times, you can be certain that when you buy a walnut interior door, you’re making an investment that will stand the test of time for years to come. And as long as it functions smoothly, what more could you want?

Here at Savoy Timber we pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of interior doors from a number of different wood species, so when you’re looking for a door that suits your style, you can always find one to match your tastes. If you want to see yours in person, don’t hesitate to pop into any one of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Wigan or Preston, where our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to take you through it all in detail!