3 quick tips to getting the best out of your laminate kitchen worktops

cleaning worktop

We all expect a lot from our worktops. Quite right too – after all, they’re the workhorses of any kitchen! We’re quite the experts here at Savoy Timber, and over the years we’ve found that there are some great tips you can follow to help your worktops even longer, and look their best as they do so. Who knows – you might be doing some of them already!

Taking the edge off your kitchen knives

As we’ve touched upon, your kitchen worktops are designed to take a lot of punishment. However, they’re not quite designed for you to be chopping food directly on their surfaces. If that sounds like an obviously bad idea to you, you might be surprised at the number of people who do it! Repeated short, sudden impacts are likely to leave visible marks on your kitchen worktop, so make sure you have a chopping board handy! Even laminate kitchen worktops, which are exceptionally tough, can be all too easily damaged unless you’re properly prepared. And if you’ve gone for a more sophisticated look with something like our Alaska Zenith Compact laminate worktop, it would be a shame to damage those striking good looks!

Protecting your worktops with edge banding

abs edge banding

If you’ve never heard of edge banding before, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! We’ve gone into an in-depth explanation in this blog post, but in case you’re short on time we’ll give you the quick version. Essentially, edge banding is the act of covering the otherwise exposed sides of your kitchen worktop with an extra layer of material, with this additional physical barrier adding a notably improved durability to laminate worktops like our White Glam Sparkle Andromeda.

Though plastic has been commonly used in the past, here at Savoy Timber we prefer to use ABS edge banding. Short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (catchy name!), it’s a highly resistant bonding that’s abrasion-resistant, impact resistant, and far more environmentally friendly due to its acid-free chemical makeup. It’s fantastic for protecting your worktops against the casual knocks and bumps that can often result from a busy household kitchen, keeping your kitchen worktops looking their best for even longer.

Be choosy with your kitchen utensils and decorations

Even if you take care to keep your worktops tidy, it’s often surprising how cluttered they can feel if there’s simply too much stuff on them. For some reason, the kitchen is the only room in your home which can be notoriously prone to filling up with all sorts of highly-specific gadgetry – often stocking-fillers or last-minute gifts at Christmas. For example, a garlic press even though you almost never eat garlic, or a blender even though you avoid smoothies like the plague.


Not only can all these assembled gadgetry result in a more cluttered look to your kitchen, but they can have more irritating consequences as well, giving you less elbow room when you’re cooking. If you’re the owner of a kitchen with somewhat of a premium on space, sometimes you can’t afford to be limiting yourself that much. If your kitchen is particularly cluttered, you might even risk sending something flying, or crashing to the ground.

You can save yourself a lot of bother – and get far more value out of your kitchen worktops – by simply being very selective with the utensils, gadgetry and decorations you have in your kitchen. If you’re looking for new ways to accessorise, we’ve given you a few quick words of advice in this previous post, which should give you a good jumping-off point to get started!

And if you’re looking for ideas on replacing your kitchen worktop entirely, we’ve got good news for you – you’re in exactly the right place. Our Cream Sparkle Gloss laminate worktop is one of our best selling worktops ever, while our Woodstone Grey Zenith compact worktop is relatively new on the scene, part of our incredibly popular new Zenith range. You can click the links to find out more details, or pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool to see them in person for yourself!