3 Ideal Grey Worktops To Give Your Kitchen A Touch Of Class

grey worktops

It’s true, grey isn’t usually the brightest or the boldest of colours – a quick look at our British winter skies will tell you that – but when it comes to laminate kitchen worktops, it’s a brilliant choice for contemporary kitchens. As well as the ever-popular industrial kitchens, understated kitchen style is also increasingly on trend right now, and grey is amazing for giving your space that reserved but sophisticated look. If you’re wondering where to start looking, we’ve got some great suggestions for grey kitchen worktops which should give you a good start!

Nero Luna Textured 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop

nero luna worktop

We’re kicking off with a classic, one of our best-selling laminate kitchen worktops and a consistently popular choice amongst our customers. Our Nero Luna Textured 40mm worktop is a particular favourite amongst those with a taste the industrial kitchen style; its grey textured finish gives it a natural slate effect; a perfect aesthetic for this sort of setting. It’s practical, too, with a famously superior durability that renders it highly unlikely to crack, chip or shatter. This is partially thanks to its ABS laminate banding, which is abrasion resistant, impact resistant and chemically resistant. This robustness is obviously comes in handy on a daily basis, given all the casual knocks, bumps and scrapes kitchen worktops have to endure!

Woodstone Grey Zenith Compact Laminate Kitchen Worktop

woodstone grey zenith ultra thin worktop

The Woodstone Grey is a member of our ultra thin Zenith range, which is right on-trend at the moment for contemporary kitchens up and down the country. Like others of the Zenith range, the Woodstone Grey provides an unrivalled contemporary, cutting-edge design statement. It’s not just for looks though – its solid core allows for design flexibility, combined with an effortless Enhanced Performance technology.

While water resistance is a common issue for some other types of kitchen worktop (especially wooden variants), you’ll have no such concerns with the Woodstone Grey. In fact, it’s 100% waterproof, which even allows for undermount sink installation. Versatile, durable and with beautiful aesthetics, it’s not hard to see why the Woodstone Grey is being snapped up by our customers like never before!

Brasero Zenith Compact Laminate Worktop

brasero ultra thin worktop

Cut from the same cloth (so to speak) as the Woodstone Grey, the Brasero Zenith Compact laminate kitchen worktop is obviously another member of our prized Zenith range. This time, though, the worktop features a matt textured wood grain effect, giving it a unique spin on the contemporary design statement of these ultra-thin worktops. It’s a much darker tint than the Woodstone Grey, which is perfect for giving your kitchen more of a moodier feel. It works particularly well as part of a brighter, clean contemporary colour scheme, as the contrast instantly creates a highly dramatic effect. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly a very individual kitchen style!

Don’t forget, you can see samples of all the above worktops in any one of our superstores across the North West – we have locations in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan. Why not pop in and see what we’ve got in stock? Plus, our friendly members of staff will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have, or if you need your worktops cut to size. Just ask!