3 Great Advantages Of Using Decking To Level Out A Slope

decking for sloped garden

We all take a lot of pride and joy in our gardens, so it’s only natural that we want the space to enjoy them! With certain sloping gardens, though, this can be a bit of a tricky one. Depending on the gradient, sloping gardens can be slightly impractical for storing anything, setting up a deckchair or essentially doing anything on it but rolling down it really, really quickly. And while that’s fun for a little while, once you get properly dizzy you’ll probably start thinking about other ways you’d like to use the space. And when you do, you might want to consider garden decking for a sloping garden.

It Gives You More Options To Enjoy Yourself!

decking furniture

Let’s start with the obvious – the hard surface of decking means it functions exceptionally well as a strong, level and stable seating area, as opposed to the soft and malleable nature of turf. In other words, you don’t have to worry about anything like your garden chairs sinking into it after it rains, unlike soil or earth. It gives rise to a whole host of ways you can enjoy yourself out there – for example, setting out comfortable (if weatherproof) furniture without the fear of it getting too muddy – or, you know, tipping forward when you try and sit in it, which is a problem you might have with a sloped garden! It also gives outdoor meals a nice touch of sophistication in summer, which is always a nice bonus.

It’s Convenient And Practical

Another advantage is that it gives you more storage options, too. Footballs and play equipment have to be, at best, placed very carefully on a steep slope, to stop them rolling away. Garden decking for a sloped garden, on the other hand, can give you a convenient storage solution, as the railings and balusters provide handy barriers to stop them rolling down hills, or being blown away by the wind.

It’s Far Safer For Your Family

family on decking

Perhaps most importantly, it can help keep your children and pets safe. Many parents feel particularly uncomfortable with letting their children play on steep slopes, as there’s the ever present danger they might slip and fall. In those circumstances, the sheer momentum of the fall can often present the risk of injury to children – and that’s assuming they don’t, in all seriousness, engage in that rolling game we mentioned above. Children can be notoriously short-sighted about what awaits them at the bottom of these hills, whether they’re solid obstacles like small trees or even busy roads. Both are equally undesirable interfering factors in childhood games, and can be eliminated, say, with a safe game of football across a large, flat decking area. You might find that letting your children play within this contained area helps you to keep a better eye on them, too.

At Savoy Timber, when it comes to garden decking for sloping gardens, we’ve got a huge array of decking products and accessories to help you realise your vision for your space. What’s more, our friendly staff members in each of our superstores across the North West – Blackpool, Wigan and Preston – are only too happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have about your project.