Decorative decking rope


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Enclosing your decking area can be made easy by using our sisal decking rope. Elegantly create the unique look you are searching for.
  • Genuine sisal rope
  • 28mm (1 inch) diameter
  • Priced per metre

A popular choice of rope for general outdoor use, Sisal rope is a natural fibre hard wearing and durable rope which makes it excellent for use within the building industry, and for use around your home and garden.

Made from a sisal plant, it gives the rope a pale natural brown appearance which comprises of 3 strands, with good resistance to weathering UV rays. It's also a great choice for use with pets and animals.

Sisal is strong and durable this traditional rope is especially resistant to sunlight and stretches very little. It is ideal for use in the garden and being natural it compliments planting and timber work. Also is used for cat scratching posts and parrot toys Sisal also goes well with swings and play equipment, it can be used indoors or outdoors.


Because this rope is made from natural fibres, it is likely the rope will absorb some moisture if used outside. It will shrink when wet and lengthen when it's dry. Please allow approximately 10% in total length. Also the diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension so the finished product may have a larger diameter than stated. For example a 25mm rope will actually measure up to 28mm when not under tension and the fibres are relaxed.

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