Light Weight Fixed Head Adjustable Decking Pedestal - 23-35mm


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Adjustable decking joist holder and cradle system perfect for raising your timber decking to your desired height – the pedestal’s adjustable height is 23mm-35mm, the system will hold 60mm joists.

These robust adjustable pedestal systems enable a completely flat and level raised deck. The pedestals are suitable for a wide range of surface platforms as well as timber decking such as stone, marble and granite tiles, and water features.

Each pedestal can give a perfectly level finish by incorporating the slope corrector device which has settings from 0-5% gradient and is capable of tolerating loads of up to 2000kg. It can be used on any substrate including concrete screed, waterproof membranes, felt and rubber. The system comprises 1 head + I base + 1 joist cradle.

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