Composite Decking Boards

Welcome to our range of 4th Generation dual colour tone composite decking boards

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Here at Savoy Timber we are proud and excited to launch the latest generation in composite decking with the amazing look of a natural wood grain, Dual-Colour, reversible with 3D texture. Imported into the UK by Savoy Timber, cutting out the middle man and passing the savings to our customers. Amazing quality at low prices. Compare to any other decking system and you will experience the quality and see the saving. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to own the latest in decking technology at an affordable price.

How we provide the best price possible

Simple- we cut out the middle man- Savoy Timber deal direct with the International manufacturer, import the product in bulk and pass these savings onto our customers – it is that simple! No gimmicks, no sales just the best price on the market!

Your decking project made easy.

At Savoy Timber we understand the complexity of your project and will assist in every way we can to get the job done. When you are planning a decking project, one of the first questions is wood or composite. If Composite is your deck of choice there are different types of composite to choose from. One consideration is our 4th generation decking or normal decking. At Savoy Timber we are here to help and make the process as easy as possible- here is a simple guide to our 4th generation decking range.

What is 4th generation deck technology?

4th generation deck technology is the most advanced technology currently being used in the decking industry. This is a process by which two or more materials pass through the same die simultaneously which ensures the wood finish will not disappear and will stay longer than any other composite deck – so providing amazing performance and quality look and feel. A deck with a 4th generation surface is a deck that has a scratch resistance, Stain resistant no need for painting or treating - low maintainence.

Dual colour tone and 3D texture gives a fantastic finish. And you also get an expansion rate which is lower than normal composite decking. All of these benefits plus a reversible with a woodgrain effect, that looks incredibly natural and attractive.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes most definitely! Our Composite timber products are made from 35% recycled plastic (mainly reclaimed from industrial waste mostly electrical cable) 55% recycled/ reclaimed cellulose (timber and rice husk) 10% is pigment, filler UV treatment and binding agent that help to combine the recycled materials. No tree chopped down no minerals dug up.