Premium Solid Core Composite Decking

Premium Solid Core Composite Decking
Stands the Test Of Time!

Superior quality solid core composite decking at an affordable price.

Our Premium range has a solid core offering unrivalled strength and durability - unlike hollow deck boards it does not warp, split or twist and it is finished with an anti-slip 3D ‘real wood’ grain - making it the perfect board for all decking applications.

  1. Composite Deck Board size: 144.5mm x 24mm x 3600mm
  2. Solid Core for unrivalled Strength & Durability
  3. Does Not Warp, Split or Twist
  4. Full Range of Accessories
  1. Solid Core Decking Boards

    Solid Core
    the only option for
    a long lasting deck
    no twisting or warping

  2. Hollow Core Decking Boards

    Solid core
    unrivalled strength
    and stability

  3. 10 Year Warranty

    10 year warranty
    established 50 years

  4. 3 Decking Displays

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    3 Decking Displays

  5. Decking Kits

    Decking Kits

Composite Decking Colours

  1. Deluxe Walnut - Composite Decking

    Deluxe Walnut

    per 3.6m deck board
    (Just £8.84 per linear metre!)

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  2. Deluxe Slate Grey - Composite Decking

    Deluxe Slate Grey

    per 3.6m deck board
    (Just £8.84 per linear metre!)

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  3. Deluxe Silver Grey - Composite Decking

    Deluxe Silver Grey

    per 3.6m deck board
    (Just £8.84 per linear metre!)

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  4. Deluxe Oak - Composite Decking

    Deluxe Oak

    per 3.6m deck board
    (Just £8.84 per linear metre!)

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Engineered to last.
Priced to sell fast!

Savoy Timber Premium Solid Core composite decking is engineered to stand the test of time.

  1. Does Not Warp, Split or Twist
  2. Never Lose Its Looks
  3. 0% Water Absorption Rate
  4. Mould Resistant

The solid core is a unique composite of recycled plastic and wood fibres wrapped in a hard protective shell which increases the durability even further. Unlike hollow core alternatives, our range does not warp, split or twist and whats more, its resistant to colour fading.

The protective shell also resists staining from spilt drinks or food - making it an ideal choice if you plan to dine on your outside deck.

Plus we have a kit section where we showcase a number of popular kit sizes.

  1. One Solid Board
    One Solid Board.
    Two amazing looks!

    This simple idea provides our customers with the ultimate freedom. Use the separate colours to create a stunning high contrast border or fascia detail. And, there’s nothing stopping you flipping the boards over if you fancy a change.

  2. Scratch Resistant
    Scratch Resistant.

    Here’s what it means and why you must insist on this type of composite deck!

    A board with a co-extruded surface is a deck that has a scratch resistance that is around 3 to 4 times better than normal decking. What's more, the water absorption of this option is 0% as opposed to around 2%, which is normal. And you also get an expansion rate which is lower than normal composite decking- don’t settle for anything less!

  3. Anti Slip
    Anti Slip.
    3D 'Real Wood' grain finish

    This is a fantastic element of this deluxe composite board whilst matching the natural beauty of real wood the deep 3D woodgrain finish provides amazing anti slip textured finish. It is the depth and texture of the woodgrain finish of our boards that sets them apart.

    We understand the importance of ensuring that the surface of our boards provide a level of slip resistance that ensures a safe deck all year round.

    At Savoy Timber we have worked hard to ensure that our woodgrain finish is a deep, textured finish (removing flat spots on the surface) providing more slip-resistance than most woodgrain finishes on the market.

    In addition, our boards are much more resistant to mildew growth and algae. The days of plastic-feel finishes have long gone don’t put up with anything less.

  4. UV Resistant
    No Fade.
    UV Resistant

    Fading from the effects of UV is a problem that can affect most decking. This can be damaging to the surface of the boards and results in them looking tired and run-down.

    Our Premium Solid Core composite boards have a high level of fade-resistance. Our composite are engineered with protective shell technology, providing it with superior fade and stain resistance – The result is a weather-resistant product that will provide years of trouble-free service while continuing to look great.